I am committed to working tirelessly during my first two years to achieve what the old political guard hasn’t managed to accomplish in the past decade. 

I am running for Assembly because our community deserves someone who will revive the Californian dream and fight to:

  • Champion an economy that works for everyone by tackling the challenges of the cost of living. In the Assembly, I will support living wage jobs, renters, access to high-skill union positions with the Building Trades and invest in initiatives that promote homeownership.
  • Address homelessness once in for all through supporting new ideas, because what Sacramento is doing right now isn’t cutting it. I support California’s innovative Care Courts initiative to assist in relocating unhoused individuals with severe mental health and drug addiction challenges from our streets to the necessary treatment facilities. This is an urgent issue that needed to be fixed, well, yesterday.
  • Protect Reproductive Freedom by supporting access to abortion services, and support efforts to repeal the Hyde Amendment. I will build upon the work I did in the Assembly, when I worked alongside Asm. Burke to pass the state’s 2019 historic $100 million investment in Reproductive Health Services and for Planned Parenthood.  
  • Support small businesses by providing them with access to capital through our state’s lending programs and reduce the red tape that stifles growing businesses and job creation. 
  • Invest in education so that our children have access to the best schools in the world. I am the only candidate endorsed by the California Teachers Association because they know that in the Assembly, I will be focused on reducing classroom sizes, raise wages for teachers, expand childcare programs and help eradicate child poverty.  
  • Keep our neighborhoods safe by protecting our communities from gun violence by supporting background checks, and enacting policies that prevent violent crime and smash-and-grabs.
  • Champion environmental justice by committing to preserving our natural resources for generations to come. In my district, I will be focused on continuing the efforts to clean up all residential communities, including East Los Angeles, that were affected by Exide’s negligence, expand upon my former boss’ bill AB 2722, and hold big polluters accountable. 


As a legislative staffer for Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and Assemblywoman Autumn Burke, I have worked tirelessly to make a positive impact in the lives of those I serve. In the Assembly, I worked to support small businesses, environmental justice, fought to expand the Young Child Tax Credit for working families, and during the COVID-19 pandemic I helped families get access to their unemployment benefits. As Supervisor Hilda Solis’ appointee to the Los Angeles County Commission on Insurance, I fought for ways to protect consumers. And while working at The Laurel Foundation, I secured thousands of dollars to expand programs for families affected by HIV/AIDS.

Here is a partial list of Ari’s accomplishments:



  • Ari worked with Assemblywoman Burke to pass two key pieces of legislation that would reduce greenhouse gases and add environmental justice voices in the California Coastal Commission. AB 2616 (Burke). AB 2722 has granted 18 grants for communities to design and implement real change based on needs they themselves identify, fighting climate change and improving their neighborhoods. 


  • In 2006, while Ari was undocumented, he stood up to the minute men and helped organize a campaign to declare all LAUSD schools a safe zone against H.R. 4437. The bill would have targeted Latino communities that it would have criminalize undocumented immigrants as well as individuals and organizations that aided undocumented individuals. The campaign was successful as LAUSD declared all schools a safe zone.
  • Ari also fought to get more counselors in our eastside schools, help decrease the school to prison pipeline in our eastside schools, and helped the “A-G Life Prep” policy campaign in 2005 which mandates college-prep courses for all LAUSD students as a high school graduation requirement because the LAUSD graduation rate for Eastside high schools in 2005 stood at 44% without A-G college courses required but in 2016 it reached 80%.


  • From 2008 to 2020, Ari served as President and Political Vice-President of Stonewall Young Democrats where he focused on helping elect LGBTQ and pro-equality candidates to office.
  • In 2008, Ari partnered with the Latino Equality Alliance to build support in the Latino community for Marriage Equality and helped organize a bus for a day of action “Meet in the Middle”.
  • Ari led the campaign to lobby Senator Dianne Feinstein to support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2013.
  • As Political Vice-President of Stonewall Young Democrats, Ari focused on supporting the election of two openly LGBTQ+ judges to office including Judge Zeke Zeidler & Donna Groman.

Ari Ruiz
Fmr. DREAMer & Democratic Candidate
California State Assembly District 52